E-Ball Technology

E-Ball Technology

Today’s technology is at its peak point beyond what we may ever imagine. More New inventions and innovations are emerging on each day. a new thought of pc is coming now that’s E-Ball concept pc. The E-Ball concept pc is a sphere formed pc that is the smallest design among all the laptops and desktops. This pc has all the feature sort of a traditional pc, elements like keyboard or mouse and DVD, large screen display. E Ball is designed that pc is be placed on 2 stands, opens by pressing and holding the two buttons located on each side of the E-Ball pc, this pc is that the latest concept technology.

The E-Ball is a sphere formed pc concept that is the smallest style among all the laptops and desktops have ever made. This pc concept options all the normal elements like the mouse, keyboard, large screen display, DVD recorder, etc, all in the innovative manner. E-Ball is designed to be placed on 2 stands, opens by at the same time pressing and holding the two buttons located on each side. Once opening the stand and turning ON the pc, pressing the detaching mouse button can permit you to detach the optical mouse from the pc body. This is the concept that features a laser keyboard that may be activated by pressing the particular button. E-Ball is very small, it’s having solely 6 inch diameter sphere. It is having 120×120mm motherboard.

No one would have seen such amazing factor before. Our imaginations have dressed into reality and nowadays it has become possible to have a whole computer in our pocket all the time. This ball computer had taken the computer technology to new horizons.

E-Ball Technology

You may have seen several different inventions of this sort but what’s unique in it is that when it is closed no one is able to guess that this ball contains a whole pc within it. When you will open you may realize an entire set which includes display screen, virtual keyboard and a mouse. This is referred to as E-Ball which is designed by Apostol Tnokovski. He was aiming to produce the smallest pc within the world when this idea comes in his mind.

E-Ball Technology

It is shaped sort of a sphere as a result of in its designer’s opinion this can be the simplest form in nature and it captures everyone’s attention.

E-Ball Technology

The spherical form may not be sensible. A sphere isn’t a really good idea for an object that needs to dissipate heat. Spheres have the very highest volume/surface area ratio attainable (which is why bubbles are spherical) and so would have the hardest time obtaining rid of waste heat. But hey, the foremost important here is that somebody is pushing the envelope of pc computing and getting bigger ideas. It takes a superb mind to think these ideas which engineers then bring to reality. sure there are some very dodgy ideas just like the round mobo etc, however if no one demands that engineers stretch their imagination we would still be having dinner with a pick axe out of stone.

E-Ball Technology

Also, the E-Ball computer supports a paper holder and also the paper sheet on the holder could act sort of a screen wherever you can watch movies or something. This concept computer will measure 160mm in diameter and it was designed for Microsoft Windows OS, sorry concerning the others. For the moment there is no word on pricing or when it’s reaching to be available, however, I’m sure that everyone would like to visualize a small spherical pc like this one.




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